A Lifestyle Business Guide for Coaches and Consultants

By Caroline Cain

Want to be part of a movement of women consciously creating a life and work based on choice, purpose, freedom and flexibility?

That's exactly why I wrote this 54 page eBook - to help you design the freedom based, lifestyle business you want today.

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What this eBook has to offer...

Never before has a generation of women been so free to be able to choose how they live their lives. Women like you and me...

Women all over the world are choosing to create their own dreams and they are using their businesses to do it. I call it ‘The Lifestyle Business Movement’.

The women in this movement are the dream weavers and leaders, creating a new way of building meaningful, profitable businesses that support the way we want to experience life. Not taking us away from our families or pushing us into the trap of busywork.

Building your lifestyle business gives you the flexibility and freedom to work when you want, where you want and how you want. Not to mention financial independence.

The insights, strategies, tools and tasks in this ebook will help you to...


    …seek greater growth and freedom in your life by courageously go after your dreams.


    …embrace the opportunity to be the inspiration and example you want to express in this life.


    …know that what you do and how you live matters and question what’s possible.


    …choose how you spend your time, who you spend it with, what activities you engage in and what your ideal environment looks like.


    …live flexibly so you can spend more time with family, have more time for you, your hobbies and passions, whether that’s more hours for spiritual practice, physical well-being, travel, going to the beach, hiking or reading.


    …live life on your terms and direct your days in line with your desires and vision for the world you live in by creating space and simplicity in your life and business.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

In The Lifestyle Business Guide for Coaches and Consultants, Caroline Cain provides a beautiful template for freedom loving women to create the lifestyles and businesses of their dreams. Caroline gives practical strategies and exact steps that women coaches and consultants can implement right away to work less and make more, while making a big difference in the world. Caroline’s wonderful guide is like a breath of fresh air! It came at the perfect time for me and within a couple of days helped me have a breakthrough in my business. I highly recommend this guide!

Dr. Eve Agee
Dr. Eve Agee Best-selling Author and Founder, Transform Coaching Academy

Caroline nails what it takes to set up and run your business in a way that doesn’t have it running you. And she’s absolutely honest about what it takes to do so. So often, new entrepreneurs aren’t given the full picture of what it takes to build a business (that isn’t a prison), and so they piecemeal it together, always encountering the dreadful overwhelm when they become aware of one more thing they should be doing. Without devastating the reader with minutiae (and therefore complete overwhelm) Caroline outlines the must-haves of smart, successful, and happy business owners. She gives you the steps you need to take, one at a time, to build a business that supports your desired lifestyle. We figured it out bit by bit (may I suggest you don’t take that route), but Caroline has given you the whole picture in one digestible sitting.You’re going to love it. I wish I’d had this when I started out.

Ashley Welton
Ashley Welton Messaging Mentor + Adventure Instigator

Caroline is the type of woman that I just want to hang out with. And I don’t say that lightly as I am pretty precious about my personal space and who I spend time with! Her philosophy on life isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a reality for her. I know very few people who are so fiercely true to what they believe, she walks her talk regardless of what circumstances are thrown up for her. She’s grounded, she’s wise beyond her years, and she’s been there, done that and knows first hand how to build a successful lifestyle business with absolutely non-negotiable values. She is one of the first people I pick up the ‘Skype’ to if I’m looking for solid, no fluff advice on something. The content of this ebook, if actioned is YOUR key to creating a lifestyle business on your terms. I can’t actually think of a better mentor for this.

Jennie HK
Jennie HK Lifestyle Mentor and Personal Coach

Caroline is the living embodiment of all she teaches to her clients, and this ebook sums up her philosophies beautifully. She and her family truly live the freedom lifestyle and she is so open and transparent about what it takes. if you learn from anyone about this way to live and work; the lifestyle way, then it should be Caroline. She lays out what she does and what all her clients do to achieve the success they do. Caroline is nothing if not practical and realistic so what she shares works, and she wraps it all up in the philosophy that you can have whatever your heart desires and you should have it! I think she is redefining what success is to a whole demographic of us who are wanting more than just fancy clothes and $$$$, we want to really experience life and want to know how to set up our businesses to allow us to truly experience the lifestyle we desire.

Vanessa Jane
Vanessa Jane Creative Strategist

Caroline is setting an example for women who desire more freedom, joy and abundance in all areas of their lives. The Lifestyle Business Guide is perfect for anyone who wants to adopt this new way of living!

Jessica Nazarali
Jessica Nazarali Success Coach


The Lifestyle and business you want are BOTH within your reach! Join the movement of women who are consciously creating lives and business on THEIR terms - doing what works for you, NOT what you think you 'should' do!

The doors are open to you. It’s not a private club only for the elite. It’s for women who know deep inside that there is a better way and are willing to take the leap to get it.

Imagine working at the times you want, on the days you want and from where you want...

Imagine making choices that bring you closer to a feeling of expansion and freedom...

It’s not just about the money

I built my business to six figures working just three days a week, with a baby and without spending a ton of time in ‘busywork’ or late nights and so can you, when you follow the simple steps in this ebook.

I tell you this to show you what is possible for you too.

I get asked all the time how I’ve managed to build my coaching business in a way that allows me to combine my quest for greater, deeper experiences in life whilst supporting my clients on their journey. It’s what I am known for.

My passion is to show you that you too can be part of the growing movement of women whose lifestyle dictates the why, what, when and how of their business – not the other way around.

It’s the reason this book was born.

If you're reading this then I truly believe you are one of countless women who are prioritising your values, your family and your life experiences over making money for money's sake.

A Word From The Author

I’m sure that you, like me, see your business as a tool that allows you ultimate freedom of choice. Which is why I wrote this book for you. As The Freedom Seeker's Business Mentor I help women define the lives they want and build profitable, flexible businesses to support this. It’s time to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you.

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I want to give you everything I can to help you join me and countless other women on a journey of freedom and opportunity. This book is for you if:

  • Your desire for your business is led by your desire to live life to the full
  • You’re conscious and awake and want to do work with meaning
  • You want to be on purpose, have choices and live an extraordinary life