The Highflying Mama Manifesto

Caroline's Highflying Mama Manifesto

Creating an Online Business – the solution for modern women

I am a business owner so that I can be the example I want to be as a mother.

I believe the world needs a new, more conscious, communication-based, hands on approach to parenting.

I believe we are part of a movement of women creating a new way of being, living and working in the world.

I believe the purpose of mums having profitable lifestyle businesses is to take more time off to parent, to partner, and to teach our children about purposeful, freedom based living.

I believe we’ll change the future of the world by raising exceptional children – intelligent, aware, healthy, balanced, conscious, and confident children.

I believe it is our responsibility to set the example of how life can be – deliberate, abundant, and above all, owning our freedom to choose.

I believe in being fully present when I am with my daughter so that she knows that I am listening with eyes, ears and heart to reflect back to her that the space she embodies in this life matters.

I believe in structuring my business so that I can be there for my daughter, nurturing the miraculous unfolding and playfulness  of childhood.

I believe in being present with my daughter every moment we spend together.

I’ve built my business around my lifestyle in order to live those beliefs.

Being a business owner and mother who values their lifestyle above all else brings a different set of priorities that require a revolutionary way of working and a shift in mindset.

Being a business owner and mother who values above all else that she has choosen how to spend her time means that my daughter’s needs will always be my priority above and beyond my self-appointed professional expectations and ‘keeping house’. She will grow up a witness to a mother who dedicates time, energy and love on passion-driven, meaningful work.

I see a world where you do not have to miss out spending quality time with your children for your work. Nor lose your relationship over it. Nor mis-treat yourself over it. I see a world where you, women, mothers, business owners, do not delve into that negative spiral of berating yourself, your business, your productivity, your presence as a loving partner and your ability to parent simply because you have chosen this path. This experience happens often for mothers; yet, it’s unnecessary. It’s a question of priorities; it’s a question of mindset. Business as usual will never look as you would wish it to. Your to-do list will never be done. But slow, deliberate, simple living and happy, thriving children will remind you of your ultimate role and the value of life.

I see a world where women, business owners, mothers no longer reproach their human imperfection. I see a world where business owning mothers follow their dreams to feel the depth of inner personal success, fulfilment and joy and teach by example what it looks like when you do what you love and live on purpose.


Success is here and now. Success is the way we feel along this journey that we have chosen. There is no goal other than this.
I believe you can have it all without feeling torn between yourself, your business, your partnership, and your parenting.

I believe that what you value is possible.

I believe in you.

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You want it all for your clients, but first you’ve got to have it all for yourself (it’s a feeling).