A 2-Hour Skype Session Where A Freedom Based Business & Life Are Tailor-Made To YOU!


Hey! Coaches, mentors, holistic health and wellness practitioners in the early years of your business! Yes you ladies overwhelmed with busywork, struggling to find clients, make real money, and have no freedom in your life!

Do you ever find yourself wondering how (or if) you’ll ever create a lifestyle where you stop sacrificing one thing for another - be it your wellbeing, your children, your romantic relationship, your freedom, or your business?

You can run a successful business, have a fulfilling relationship, be a present mum, have freedom of time, and feel incredible.

It’s not about being superwoman. It’s about letting go of your notions (they’re not working) and laying your values out on the table, then going for every one of them.

You’re part of the movement of women forging a new way of being, living, and working in the world, and it is time to slow down, step back and decide what freedom and success look like for YOU.

I will show you how!

This 2-Hour Skype intensive is designed specifically for business owners who are ready to design a business that supports their lifestyle.

My greatest strength and passion is finding harmony between growing my business, nurturing my relationship, being a mum, and speaking my truth while prioritizing looking after myself.

I built my business working 3 days a week, with a newborn. In the last 3 years my family, I and my business have spent 3.5 months in France, 3.5 months in Thailand, moved to Australia and back, with several awesome travels in-between all whilst fulfilling our priority of spending as much time together as possible.

A life filled with flexibility and freedom of choice can be yours too.

The Freedom-Based Business Intensive is a program that...

Personalises your compelling message so your ideal clients know it's you they want to work with

Refines your story and shows how to weave this into your marketing so that you share, not sell

Identifies marketing methods in alignment with how you want to work

Clarifies how to present your packages for maximum impact, identifies gaps in your offerings and reveals which to implement when for greater ease and simplicity

Uncovers how to free up more of your time so that you achieve more, work fewer hours and finally experience that freedom and flexibility

Leaves you with a freedom based profit map putting all your money making ideas in order so that youknow exactly what to spend your time on for maximum impact, goodbye busywork!


Is it time for you to stop accumulating information and actually put what you already know to effective use and results?

Yes?…Then you’re ready to work with me in The Freedom Based Business Intensive.

Get quick, direct, personalised answers to the business questions that have been burning in your brain for too long so that you can move forwards with confidence that you're taking effective, focused action.

But, but, but…

Maybe you’re too busy, or you don’t believe you can really make a change. Maybe your relationship is struggling from the pressure of growing your business. Maybe you’re a mother who can’t conceive of balancing all the busyness. Maybe you just don’t believe you can have flexibility, freedom and results.

It’s time to stop settling. It’s time to stop running on the spot. It’s time to get real with where you are, slow down, and create the freedom based life and business that you desire.

Together we can identify and clarify your next steps so that you can begin living truly living that freedom based life.

Yes Caroline, I’m ready to bust through the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

Just weeks before giving birth to my third child I reached out to Caroline to help me with clarifying the course of my business. Our intensive  was much more then I’ve could have asked for. She showed me where my priorities should be to get the results I wanted and how to take specific action. We crafted  a detailed plan for the  following months.

Adrienn Csoknyay
Adrienn Csoknyay

I was stuck and accomplished more in an intensive 2hr session with Caroline than I had in months! Caroline really listens to what your specific needs are and gives clear direction and action steps to get to the results you're looking for. As a stay at home mom and entrepreneur, Caroline is fabulous to have in your corner as she understands your needs as a mom and makes the most of the time that you DO have to create the business of your dreams.

Cristina Cavalieri d’Oro
Cristina Cavalieri d’Oro

I was lost, stuck and frustrated. I had no idea where to start or what to do. I was in marketing overwhelm. Caroline is kind, open and genuine and she got me, got my idea and man does she know her stuff! My intensive was...intense! But it gave me a clear strategy and focus. I know precisely what I need to do, step by step, to get to where I want to be. Nothing she advised me to do made me feel ikky or awkward.  I can already feel the doors opening up and my beautiful idea now has a crystal clear strategy. Perfect!!

Kathy Pearson
Kathy Pearson

Caroline helped me to clarify my vision and also the down-to-earth steps to take in order to move forward – I felt listened to and guided in the direction of my dreams. Caroline met me where I was in order to take me by the hand and lead me to a higher level of working and thinking. Caroline rocks! She is grounded and gentle in her coaching yet inspirational and determined to lead her clients to their own best solutions through incisive questioning and helpful ideas.

Clare Douglas
Clare Douglas

My intensive with Caroline was eye opening and life changing...a voice in my head said ‘you are changing your life today!’  This was the absolute truth.  By taking the plunge and allowing someone else to nurture & guide me through the process was the support and encouragement I needed.  My life truly is changing – daily – and I am excited and exhilarated by the possibilities.

Joanne Moules
Joanne Moules

This intensive is for you if:

  • You’re exhausted from thinking about how to get clients and how to differentiate yourself online
  • You’re wondering why you started, and if you'll eversucceed 
  • You’re overwhelmed with information but don’t know what to do next
  • You’re pulled in every direction so that you’re hardly present in your relationship and you just don’t have surplus for your children or yourself
  • You’re ready to prioritize how you want to feel, live with the spark of inspiration, and thrive in your body, mind, soul, and bank accountTogether we set you on a path that you want to walk down, armed with tools to grow your business with flexbility and freedom.

About Caroline

The Freedom Seeker's Business Mentor

Caroline helps women define the lives they want to live and grow profitable,
flexible businesses to support them.

A mother, girlfriend, practicing Buddhist, author and freedom loving business owner, Caroline lives a life she is totally in love with based on the principles of freedom of time, location and choice.

When she’s not empowering women to craft a life and business they love, she’s playing with her daughter, strolling the beach, and basking in the scents of new places.