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10 (very good) reasons to eat organic

16 May 2011

The question, and it’s a big one as it has a huge impact on our health and that of the planet, should actually be ‘why not?’. Here are 10 reasons to go organic.

Sweet n Sexy Scent Sensation

Essential oil perfume recipes

19 April 2011

Being an all natural kinda gal, I make my own perfume (read why here). I’m also a busy gal and like to keep things simple. Making your own perfume using essential oils is really easy and really fast. Winner combo if you ask me. Essential oils have wonderful healing qualities for both mind and body, for example: easing anxiety and nausea, relieving headaches, clearing congestion and healing infections. Inhaled aromas (from delicious sweet smelling perfume, for example) have a therapeutic effect on the lungs and stimulate the brain to trigger a specific response.

Yoga Stops Traffick

Yoga Stops Traffick

3 April 2011

On Saturday morning 12th March a cosy group of hardcore yogis got together at Københavns Yoga studio for 108 sun salutations.  This was part of Yoga Stops Traffick’s one-day worldwide event to help raise awareness and funds for Odanadi Seva Trust. The Odanadi Seva trust was set up 20 years ago, rescuing and rehabilitating children, more…

‘Come along, you worry too much old boy’ Robin Hood to Little John

3 April 2011

Did you know that 80-95% of disease is caused by stress? That means that only about 5% come from physical causes, the rest is created. We may live longer these days, but quality of life has gone down. As my father said to me the other day ‘When I was young we used to eat

The importance of Breathing (Ernest – for the Oscar Wilde fans out there)

3 April 2011

Breathing. It’s the first thing you did when you came into this world. You do it all the time (about 25,000 times a day actually), no matter what else is going on. If it were to stop happening, you would stop living. You can’t live without it. Maybe it deserves a little attention… Why bother breathing? Properly, I mean. Well, for starters, it is the only way of providing our organs with the oxygen they need for their, and our, survival. Our cells need oxygen to create energy – we need energy, we like energy, it allows us to do things.Secondly, breathing is one of the ways in which our body gets rid of waste products and toxins. Go for a quick run up and down the office stairs. Back already?

Why daily dry skin brushing is good for you

3 April 2011

You brush your teeth at least twice a day. You brush your hair at least once a day. So how about adding body brushing to your daily routine… Why? Because dry skin body brushing is the easiest, cheapest way to help detox and keep your body in peak condition. Our skin is our largest eliminating organ, responsible for about ¼ of our body’s detoxification each day! Our skin receives about 1/3 of the blood circulated through our body and yet the skin is the last thing to receive nutrients, but the first to show signs of imbalances (dry skin, eczema, psoriasis etc – an extra reason to choose natural, skin-friendly products).

homemade perfume

Homemade essential oil perfume

3 April 2011

We understand that ‘we are what we eat (or more correctly, what we absorb as our uptake of nutrients isn’t always optimal). Whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed directly into the blood stream and onto the liver to be processed and cleansed along with all the other toxins it already has to deal with.

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